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9 Questions You Shouldn't Dare Ask

#1 - Truly local? Of the 50+ companies that claim to serve the Santa Clarita Valley, only a handful are actually located here. Many falsely claim a local address but when you check the address out, it either doesn't exist or it's just a post office box. If you can't trust them to provide an honest address, can you trust their repairs?

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Types of Repairs

Like a new door installation, the key is to find a reputable company that knows what they're doing, will provide you a quality repair and charge you a fair price; See The Best Way to Ensure You Choose the Right Garage Door Company.If you review this website thoroughly and use our checklist when searching for a garage door company, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with your choice.


  • Spring replacements
  • Automatic door openers
  • Cables
  • Hardware replacements
  • Panel replacements (sectional doors)
  • Remote Controls
  • Censor realignment

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Our Pledge to Our Customers

We will never sell you something you do not need. We will only charge you for the work that we do. We will never use used parts in a repair or new door installation. We will always demonstrate that customer service and integrity is our priority, not how much money we can make...

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Alarming Facts about Many Garage Door Companies

An alarming percentage of the time garage door companies receive products from manufacturers that possess significant damage. Often these flaws are unnoticeable to the homeowner.

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How We Size Up

Our business is located in the Santa Clarita Valley. Mark Miller, the owner, lives in Canyon Country. Over 90% of our business is located in this valley, too. Advantages to you: If you live in the Santa Clarita Valley, this means we are more available for emergencies than those located elsewhere...

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Why Trust Valencia Overhead Doors

We have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. 17 years in business and never a complaint made against us.
We always provide a complete list of customers so prospective customers can contact anyone on the list whom they know to verify the quality of our work.

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Repair Verses Buy

Repairing your existing door, rather than purchasing a new one, may save you hundreds of dollars. Although many garage door companies sell entry-level non-insulated doors for around $500 (and we do, too), if you want an insulated quality door that will last several years, it's going to cost you at least a few hundred dollars more. So, with the economy the way it is and your probable desire to save money whereever you can, repair over purchase may be your best choice.

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